Adsorption Of Fe2+ In Groundwater By Fly Ash Coal Adsorbent East Kalimantan

Candra Irawan




This research has investigated adsorption of Fe with using fly ash adsorbent. Phases of adsorption of Fe is activated with H2SO4after that the fly ash were characterized by using XRF, FTIR and SEM. Determination of optimum conditions on the adsorption of Fe with adsorbent mass variations, variations in contact time, pH variation and variation concentration and adsorption isotherm study. Resulth show that the adsorption of Fe in optimum condition occurs in adsorbent mass of 2.5 g, for 60 minutes contact time with pH 4 at a concentration of 20 ppm. The results also able to adsorp up to 94% Fe. The adsorption of Fe with using fly ash adsorbent was more fitted to the Langmuir model than to Freundlich model.

Key words: adsorption, fly ash, isotherm adsorption



Telah dilakukan penelitian adsorpsi logam Fe dengan menggunakan adsorben abu layang Batubara. Tahapan adsorpsi logam Fe yakni   mengaktivasi  abu  layang batubara  dengan H2SO4 setelah itu abu layang dikarakterisasi dengan menggunakan XRF, FTIR dan SEM. Penentuan kondisi umum pada adsorpsi logam Fe dilakukan dengan variasi massa adsorben, variasi lama kontak, variasi pH dan variasi konsentrasi serta  mempelajari  isotherm  adsorpsinya. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa adsorpsi logam Fe pada kondisi optimum terjadi pada massa adsorben 2,5 g, lama kontak selama 60 menit dengan pH 4 pada konsentrasi 20 ppm. Hasil penelitian ini juga mampu mengadsorpsi  logam Fe hingga  94%. Adsorpsi logam Fe pada adsorben abu layang lebih sesuai dengan model Freundlich daripada model Langmuir.

Kata kunci: abu layang, adsorpsi, isoterm adsorpsi



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