Steven Daniel K, Julyar Prasetyo, Nurul Huda


Laboratory equipment is one of the supporting facilities in lectures, especially in practicum activities. Practicum that is easy and practical will be able to help students to be able to understand good practicum concepts and materials. It can save practical time and use of electronic components. students can achieve physical endurance, work power, and a high level of health so as to create high work comfort and work safety. In this study, a power supply that is low voltage AC power supply will be made easier for students to learn about electronic experiments that use Low voltage AC voltage safely and easily. This is from a case study in basic electronics and electrical engineering basic subjects which in practicum still use unsecured transformers. The method used in building this tool is to build a device in a casing and the components are arranged based on the scheme that has been designed that the output of the tool will have 4 low-voltage AC outputs that can be paired for a DC voltage electronic circuit experiment. From the test results, the practicum tools that have been built have produced 4 output terminals with desired values and have been tried with electronic circuits. The results of this study, the tools that will be made will be able to help students for practicum activities that want to use low voltage AC voltage safely and easily.

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