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Electricity consumers who are far from the power plant at the end of the distribution channel are susceptible to a decrease in electric voltage. This results in consumer electrical equipment that is sensitive to electrical voltage fluctuations damaged. Based on these problems, equipment is needed that can improve the quality of customer electricity voltage. The inverter is one of the tools that can be utilized to increase the voltage. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) is an approach used to generate SPWM signals on an inverter. The inverter output voltage is monitored by adjusting the modulation index magnitude of the SPWM generator. This research uses dsPIC30F4011 microcontroller as a system control and SPWM signal generator with feedback using PI control. The results of the study showed that the shape of the sinusoidal  waveform output voltage. To produce a voltage of 225 volts ac when turned on the first time required is 3.6 seconds with a value of Kp = 0.00125 and Ki = 0.004 in the response time PI control closed loop. While the single-phase inverter output voltage of oscillates at 47 volts or 20.9%.

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