Ashadi Putrawirawan, Yudi Pranoto, M Ika Palondongan


The Asphalt Concrete (LASTON) is a layer road construction which consists of a mixture of hard asphalt and aggregate are graded continuous, mixed, spread and compressed in hot conditions at a given temperature. At this time the need for increased highway pavement so that the required quality is good. Therefore, the use of added ingredients (additives) be an alternative one laterite stone added and which is expected to improve the quality of asphalt concrete. In this study, which looked at are the characteristics that includes Marshall stability, flow, VIM, VMA, Marshall Qountient. Laterite stone content varation is 0%; 25%; 50%; 75%; and 100%.  The results of research conducted using the method of Marshall obtained the Optimum Bitumen Content was 5,4%.

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